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Sunglasses with mechanical strength of the glass that allows you to protect your eyes from debris, ricochets and other incoming objects by. Class F (object with a weight of 0.86 g moving at a speed of 45 m / s).

Modern polycarbonate glazing meets the European standard for protection against light and ultraviolet rays - according to European standard EN 172 Solar (100% UV). Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating increases functionality and the range of applications. Protecting your eyes from glare is as important as protecting your eyes from incoming objects - pebbles, mud, sand and even insects that can stop a cyclist almost speeding at a speed of 40 km/h.

The materials and technologies used ensure comfort for hours of wear under intense light. Stable head support. The profile of the glasses is low, which means that they change the shape of the face only slightly and do not limit the field of view.

They have CE certificate.

  • Glass: 2.2 mm polycarbonate
  • Hardness factor: F
  • Color of the lenses: smoke
  • Certificate: EN166-F, 3-1.2, 1F
  • Weight: 28 g

The set includes:

- glasses
- microfibre cover / cloth


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