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Big Foot


SKU: 100BGF908
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The small design can pack a more than you would think in this tiny chest rig. A triple 5.56 insert is included and has plastic retention inserts fitted for M4/M16 style magazines.

Take these plastic inserts out and you can actually squeeze more into them like two smg magazines like KWA TK45 magazines and MP5 style magazines and many more.

The two side pouches can fit most pistol magazines or a speed-loader, multi-tool or slim radio. The front pouch can hold many things from extra magazines to maps, pens and anything else you can squeeze in there.
Plenty of velcro up front to for mounting your favourite patches.

The back is also lined with Velcro for fitting dangler pouches and the whole system can be unclipped from the straps and clips onto chest rigs. (not all chest rigs will be compatible.

The chest rig is extremely comfortable and light weight. Its a great choice for any player on the field and sniper alike. The next great thing is how inexpensive they are and by no means are they bad quality either.

  • Color: Tan

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