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Action Army
Action Army


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The Trigger Set is constructed from High Quality and Durable Steel, and the Piston is constructed from CNC Machined Aluminium with Polymer Guide Rings, and Rubber O-Rings. The Trigger Box is a One piece Trigger System, which is designed to have an extremely short trigger pull, also know as a zero trigger, for more accurate and immediate shots. Internally the trigger box features Roller Bearings to prevent wear, and Steel Sears to take the stress of high powered Springs for High FPS builds. The Piston is constructed using a CNC Process making it durable and precise, and is ported to reduce its weight. The front of the piston features a rubber o-ring to cushion the impact with the front of the cylinder to reduce noise and wear. The piston also features polymer guide rings to prevent wobble as it moves up and down the cylinder. This upgrade set is perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their VSR / BAR-10 Sniper rifle.

*Your rifle may require slight modifications, such as to the trigger guard, or to the Piston Guide Rings depending on your Rifle / Cylinder Setup.

Package Includes:

VSR / VSR-10 Specialised S-Trigger Set

For Tokyo Marui Base / CYMA / JG VSR / BAR-10, and Well MB-03

  • Durable Alloy Trigger Set and Piston
  • One piece Trigger System
  • Sensitive / Zero Trigger
  • Roller Bearing on Trigger to prevent wear
  • 90 Degree Trigger Sear / Piston Setup
  • Steel Sears
  • CNC Machined Piston
  • Piston Front O-Ring to reduce noise and reduce wear
  • Plastic Piston Guide Rings to reduce movement
  • Ported Piston for Weight Reduction


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