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Panagiotis Synacheiris


I’m a military personnel in Hellenic Air force since 1997 as a weapons specialist. I started playing Airsoft back in 2010. After quite a few years as a passionate Airsoft player and a person with G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), I have always looked for gear to satisfy my needs.

Day by day my G.A.S. was growing and I finally decided to make my ‘’hobby – passion’’ an e-shop named Airsoft G.A.S. with Airsoft and tactical gear for war games and outdoor activities.

As time went by, I saw that some quality gear was missing from Airsoft world and I started looking worldwide for the best gear out there to satisfy the continuous needs for people with G.A.S.

I must say a special thanks to my Airsoft team ‘’ WET WORKS INC.’’ for the help they give me and they are always by my side, my best friend IOANNIS SKIAS for the countless hours he has spent working on this e-shop and my wife EIRINI POLENTA who is the owner of Airsoft G.A.S. and I work on her behalf and she supported my decision to make this extra step and make my dream come true.