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FREE Shipping for orders over €180 & FREE Cash-on-Delivery!
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About us

For those who have G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and need more and more gear to "cure" themselves, this is the One-Stop Service of Airsoft retail, Group order for head-to-toe tactical, war game gear, military simulation and more with European shipping for now. In the near future, worldwide shipping will be available.

Behind brand name "Airsoft G.A.S." is Panagiotis Synacheiris. We are one-stop Airsoft & Combat Gears premium retail store in Greece. We offer different variety of latest Airsoft products, varied from AEGs, GBBs, Additional Upgrade Parts, Combat Gears and Accessories. With our retail store, we aim on creating a best place for our war game fans to find their favorite products (combat gear, protection gear, airsoft accessory, airsoft upgrade parts, optical gear, custom gear and custom patch). We have suppliers from different countries in the world, including USA, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, European Countries and more. We cooperate with brands, flagships in the Airsoft/Military world.

All prices are subject for changes without prior notice. All on-sales promotion are only confined and applied to purchase in our e-shop.

For further information, you may contact us for details. We'll be happy to help you.